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From Sardinia, the organic cosmetics for your well-being

An ancient magical land where the sun and the wind shaped the character of a silent people. An island, a small continent that keeps on surprising you with its diversity, «such a sweet and wild place like no other» (D.H. Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia, 1921), yet friendly and harsh at the same time. This place is Sardinia.

The majestic and rough beauty of Sardinia’s Nature suggested the idea to create a high quality natural organic cosmetic line to make the perfumes and the scents of our island well known to the rest of the world, and to remind Sardinia’s lovers the body and mind well-being that they found on our island.
The magic mix between healthy sea waters, the prevalence of the strong Mistral wind, the total absence of water and air pollution and the widest botanic bio-diversity in the whole Mediterranean area allowed HerbSardinia to be the the first company in Sardinia to produce high quality Organic Certified Cosmetics (AIAB and CCPB) made only with organic essential oils and ingredients.
If you were to travel to the island of Sardinia by sea, it would become evident to you that a unique eco-system, the climate and the rich soil are what makes these scents, that travel out on the breeze to greet you, possible. These wild scents are bottled into HerbSardinia organic cosmetics to remind you what Sardinia’s nature has to offer.
These fragrances that have been married into our products will encase you in the clean fresh scents of Sardinia, no matter where you are.
HerbSardinia’s organic phytocosmetics are formulated and produced according to the highest quality standards and controls, and our priority is to maintain the balance of the organic and natural components in our products.

In this regard HerbSardinia’s organic cosmetics are ideal for sensitive skins as they contain no SLS or SLES, synthetic perfumes, colorants, parabens, preservatives or any chemical component.
Some of the ingredients, sourced from specific local producers, must travel at a controlled temperature, and must not come into contact with certain type of plastic or materials: a production process in which attention to details is everything. All packaging is eco-friendly, made from specific materials that are both recycled and suitable for recycling. 
HerbSardinia products are cruelty-free. None of HerbSardinia formulations are tested on animals.
The entire HerbSardinia range is also available in Travel Size bottles (100ml), which can be taken on the plane.

Sardinian ownership and team

Synthetic or petroleum-derived chemicals

Organic ingredients

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